Blockchain Overview

  • Transformation in Trading Units
  • What is a Blockchain?
  • Understanding the basic parts of a Blockchain
  • What do we mean by peer-to-peer?
  • Understanding a peer-to-peer network
  • Distributed System
  • What is a block?
  • Understanding the blocks in a Blockchain
  • What is a transaction?
  • Understanding a registry of transactions
  • Mining in Blockchain
  • Cryptography in Blockchain
  • Storing of Keys

Bitcoin – 1st Blockchain Implementation

  • Bitcoin Address and Wallet
  • Initiating a Transaction
  • Propagation of transaction
  • Mining the transaction
  • Digital Signature used in Transaction
  • Ordering of Transactions
  • Proof of Work – Block Puzzle
  • Miner’s Reward
  • If More than one Block Gets Solved at Same time
  • Consensus Algorithm
  • Longest Chain
  • Benefits of Blockchain Technology in Cryptocurrency

The Technology of Blockchain

  • The origin of Bitcoin and Blockchain
  • Understanding the origin of Bitcoin
  • Evolution of Blockchain
  • Blockchain Structure
  • Block Header
  • Merkle Trees
  • Components of Blockchain Ecosystem
  • Cryptography Algorithms
  • Consensus Algorithms – PBFT, Proof of Stake, Delegated Proof of Stake, PoET,
  • Types of Blockchains – Permissioned, Un-permissioned, Public, Private
  • Side Chains
  • Structure of a Transaction
  • Unspent Transaction Output
  • Transaction as Double Entry Book Keeping
  • Scripts in Blockchain (Bitcoin)

Other Implementations of Blockchain

  • Understanding the Ethereum Network
    • The technology stack of Blockchain
    • Understanding the tech stack
    • How is the technology evolving?
    • Understanding Blockchain tech evolution
    • Alternative blockchains like Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Ripple

The Business of Blockchain

  • Imagining new business ideas of blockchain
  • Understanding business ideas for blockchain
  • How identity will change with blockchain
  • Understanding identity with blockchain
  • Beyond blockchain for people
  • Understanding smart objects
  • The changing world of supply chains
  • Understanding Blockchain for supply chains

Prospects of Blockchain

  • Blockchain transforming business and professionalism
  • Blockchain and Public Policy
  • Central Banks & governmental regulations

Innovations in Blockchain

  • Innovation theory
  • Innovation opportunities in blockchain
  • Blockchain investment trends
  • Blockchain FinTech innovation